What an Insurance Broker Can Do For You

An insurance broker is an expert in insurance as well as risk management. They act on behalf of the client by providing advice according to the client’s interests. When you consult personal insurance broker Ontario offers, he will help you identify your business or personal risks and thus advice you on the appropriate cover to take. Some […]

Percentage of Population with a Regular Physician

A Culturally-Relevant Perspective on This Issue Introduction The percentage of the population with a regular physician refers to the proportion of the adult population (15+) who report having a regular physician [1]. A regular physician (or medical doctor) includes family doctors/general practitioners who provide primary medical care, for example, annual exams, blood tests, flu shots, […]

Injury Hospitalizations

A Culturally-Relevant Perspective on This Issue Introduction The injury hospitalization rate refers to the rate of acute care hospitalization due to injury (excluding poisoning and other non-traumatic injuries) per 100,000 population[1]. Injury hospitalization can result from a variety of causes including: motor vehicle accidents, falls, burns, drowning, unintentional and self-inflicted injuries, assault, cuts, machinery accidents […]